Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Über House of Hobby

This morning, I visited one of THE best shops I've ever seen anywhere for advanced hobby work. Casting materials, specialized hobby tools, conversion materials, and everything in between. When Saleem, Andy, and I first planned this trip, it sounded like a good shop to visit. This place, Multifilla Sdn Bhd in Balakong, exceeded my wildest expectations.

If you're interested in getting just about anything for terrain or table work, this is the place. Want to sculpt figures? They have a massive selection of sculpting tools and putty. Plasticard, brass, tin, mild steel, brass etched goodies, acrylic rods, basswood, MDF board, etc, etc, etc...

The owner, Leong Boo Wun, was friendly and very knowledgable. Explain to him what you want to get done, and he'll take you right there. For instance, I told him I was looking for a resin to make water effects with. Not only did he present two different options, he also suggested that I use "glass microspheres" to simulate churning water. Awesome.

He also carries a large range of power tools specifically designed for hobby applications. His main range is a line of hobby specialist power tools from a German company called Proxxon. Lathes, routers, mini table saws, etc. He even has some of the Proxxon range open and available to try for yourself. I looked at a couple of rotary drills and was very impressed with the low noise, lack of lateral vibration, and overall quality. Wow, wow, wow.

If you checked out my recent blog post on making a mold, ALL of the materials I mention in there are available at Multifilla. Silicone RTV rubber, resin, clay- all of it. Nice.

Personally, I emptied my pockets there. I picked up resin for water effects, along with green, blue, and brown pigments specifically designed for it. I even managed to get a pigment that will make the resin glow in the dark- perfect for a 40K terrain piece of a toxic waste pool! Cork for basing, stainless wire I'll use to model radio aerials on my Flames of War tanks, rare earth magnets, and mild steel sheeting for my Defiler are just a few of the things I picked up today.

If you've never been to Multifilla, you need to head there one Saturday and see this for yourself. When you do, give me a call. I'd love to go with you!

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