Saturday, May 24, 2008

Congratulations, New Legionnaires!

Congratulations Shazli (firaya), Iz, Kadir and Shazli. Welcome to the Legion!

Firaya signed on as Level 3 member, and Iz, Kadir and Shazli all signed on as Level 2 members. I know that Firaya's Ultramarines are a force to reckon with, and I'm sure we'll see more of them. Iz' is known the world over for his preference for lots and lots of armor, which is why you would want to see his 40k IG and FoW Germans. Kadir's 40k World Eaters are ... scary. And I hear he has other 40k and WFB armies too - which we shall see on the battlefields of the Legio. Shazli's another FoW nutter who also happens to be in league with the 40k Necrontyr. All are dedicated wargamers in my book.

Welcome Legionnaires!


  1. Ok now I'm curious... Whats the membership do? And what does the different levels provide?

  2. I'll be posting details very soon. My internet was down this weekend at home so I didn't get any updates done...


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