Friday, May 23, 2008

I think we're on to something here...

17 people turned out tonight for some serious hobby bedlam- AWESOME! We unveiled the new third table with some new scatter terrain as well, and we also held the first club meeting for Legio Malaysia. I'd say the meeting went well, because we signed up our first three members!

We'll post membership benefits and costs very soon, but the best thing to do is come out to a hobby night and see it all for yourself. Everyone had a lot of fun, and played a lot of games as well. See you next time!


  1. this club just getting better n better... cool~~
    congrats man!!!~

    p/s: pls inform me if u wana make terrain.. i could give some hand

  2. It was an excellent night at Legio. My first time too! The tables and environment are excellent... It was so good, my BA tanks felt comfortable enough to successfully overcharge 90% of the game VS the Thousand Sons!

    I couldn't join the club meeting but I'm interested in finding out what I missed...

    And we need some City Terrain! XD

    Great job, Jeff.

  3. glad you guys had a good time! tyranid scum, any help is more than welcom ... i'm sure the fabrictor general would appreciate any assistance

    alterecho, your tanks are fast man! give me a call and we'll have a chat about what you missed ...

  4. Hey, glad folks had a great time- I sure did! I absolutely agree that we need to get a nice Cities of Death table built. My Death Korps and Red Scorpions are both themed to CoD, so you can bet we'll get to that soon.

    In the meantime, we shall keep the forges lit and continue to crank out some more basic tables to handle the increased traffic. Our first themed table will be coming soon... :)


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