Saturday, May 24, 2008

My First Full Hobby Night at the Legio

Last night was the first full hobby night for me at the Legio - and it was truly awesome! I arrived a little past 6, and Jeff and Saleem were already at the painting tables. Saleem was doing work on his Warmachine collection, while Jeff was finishing a couple of terrain pieces. I also got to see some of the models from his collection, including the Salamander marines that can be found in the 40k 4th ed rulebook.

After unpacking my Thousand Sons, Jeff helped with some tips on making an army base for them, for the up-coming tourney. That was interesting learning. We had the first Legio Malaysia members meeting, which had more people than I thought - which is great news. What was also great was that there many different kinds of wargamers at the meeting - veterans, not-so-veteran, 40k, FoW, Warmachine, other games, painters, etc. After the meeting, the Legio gained 4 new members - which is truly amazing!

I actually managed to squeeze in 3 games myself - vs Alterecho's BA, vs Lord Akarrin's WE and vs Dann's Necrons (which ended at 1:30am). There many other games going on - Tyranid vs Daemonhunters action, WE vs BA, BA vs Necrons, SW vs WE, Warmachine. I didn't see any FoW this week, but I know the FoW nutters are strong too. Nick Chew showed me his newly painted StuG - real nice job. I could also see the WIP stuff of the people going to the Singapore tourney, and it's looking good.

In all, 18 people were at the Legio last night, which totally blew away my expectations. Some familiar faces (dif2find, excise, alterecho, dann, lord akarrin, nick, iz, firaya, shazli, saleem, jaja, among them), and some new faces (to me, that is). I know the fabricator-general will have his work cut out for him to get even more tables and terrain out in the next couple of weeks, and I know he's going to blow us all away. Of course, if you'd like to help, just step up and say the word.

Anyways, I had a great time, and totally looking forward to more excellent stuff at the Legio.

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