Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Beginning

From humble beginnings may great deeds grow! :) It's our sincerest hope that Legio Malaysia serves as a springboard for growth, encouragement, and improvement of the miniatures wargaming hobby in Malaysia. By bringing together fellow hobbyists, we can share the experience and wisdom of our members, and use it to run great events, tournaments, and improve the hobby as a whole. We have only just begun, and we invite your feedback and support. The first event we'll be 'sponsoring' as a club is a Warhammer 40,000 tournament being held in Singapore on June 8th. All Malaysian competitors who have signed up are hereby urged to get in contact with me. We have a surprise for ya! ;)

Stay tuned- much, MUCH more to come!


  1. ... and on the 8th day, there was Legio Malaysia....

    hehe, great stuff! I look forward for more great gaming news! This'll definitely be my regular visit site!

  2. That's awesome dude! We really do need folks to actively participate, and help generate the "buzz" to get this thing off the ground and running...


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