Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bagration Campaign Postponed

I hate to do it, but unfortunately that's going to be our only option for the Flames of War campaign. I've only just gotten the materials to run this, and we've had multiple potential players say they can't make it this Friday. We'll take a look at the schedule next week, and see what other options will work best for this. We'll also postpone the Season 1 FoW League awards ceremony until such time as we can get more people involved. Once we know what we're going to do, we'll post it up straight away.

The tournament is still on, though! So, I'll see you all who signed up Saturday morning for some tournament fun. Sorry for the inconvenience on the campaign, but "them's the breaks" as they say...




  1. Aww... That sucks... Even if I dont play FoW, it would've been nice to watch some wwII carnage!

    Off topic, can I order some custom dice through you?

  2. Does this mean you might play this Friday night? A slim chance of a maxed out season is still a chance :D

  3. looking forward to the tournament. Hopefully the Monmouthshires would fair better this time round


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