Saturday, March 7, 2009

That Was a Fantastic Hobby Night!

That was one amazing Hobby Night! We're in week 4 of 40k League Season 2, and there was a lot of 40k action going on. I personally put in 2 games myself, and I saw some hard-fought battles involving Daemons, Blood Angels, the 74th Blue Frosting IG Rgt, two Raven Guard armies, a couple of Chaos armies, Orkses, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Space Marines ... there was even non-league 40k action going on.

We also had a Heavy Gear demo game going on. I did not manage to catch that, but it looked cool (especially since the models are in 15mm, and we do have an abundance of15mm terrain). Saleem, maybe you can fill in some details here.

Over in the hobby corner, Jeff finished his Forgeworld-festooned Salamanders Razorback - all in one sitting ... that's some quick work.

Significantly, we had our much much delayed club meeting ... and it was really good to see the core group of Legionnaires together. We caught up on Legio news and direction, and everyone looked psyched for Spore 2009!

See you guys next Friday!


  1. yup, it was a fun night..and seeing jeff painting that razorback really pumped up my spirit & enthusiasm to actually finish the insignia and markings on the rest of my vehicles..i think i'll bring along my paint set next week, just in case if there's no opponent free for me to play with..

  2. no opponent for you to play with? in your dreams ... lol

  3. Good meeting...

    I want Iron Painter and a Doubles match!

  4. Hi, I'm Tun Kai, Saleem's friend (and soon to be Legio member) and I brought the Heavy Gears for a few rounds of skirmishing in the 15mm desert town. Since Heavy Gear is mostly set on a desert planet, the table was perfect for the game.

    And we had not just heavy gears trading fire with one another, but also two titanic Striders on opposing forces firing rockets and missiles across the table. Hopefully next time I come I can have the Naga strider painted up properly with some other stuff to show.

    Thanks again to Saleem for inviting me! Legio's a nice club, I hope to see more of it soon.

  5. Hey guys! Is me, Joe from Penang. (the Necron fella that went down with you guys to Sg last year)

    I'm looking forward for another wonderful trip down to Sg with you guys! Do keep me posted on the details! :D

  6. I'm definitely interested in checking out Heavy Gear. I went to the website, and I had a hard time finding a spot where I could see the entire miniatures range. Seeing it in person would be much better.

    I'm painting today, and hope to have 3 Salamander Space Marines finished before I go off to bed. I'm still on pace for league games this Friday! Huzzah!

    Sounds cool, Joe. The more the merrier! If you join Legio Malaysia we could even get you on with the sponsored team!

    I've finished writing out my Dark Elf list for the Sunday tournament, so construction and painting starts the moment I finish those six final Salamanders. Who else is going to stay for the Sunday Warhammer tournament? Any takers?

  7. How to join when I'm based in Penang?
    I don't mind though.... I'm always supportive on any gaming group for this hobby! :)

    I would like to take on Fantasy as well with my Ogre Kingdom. (can't finish painting my WoC on time though it is much more competitive)

    I guess I'll follow the majority la. Since I'll need to hitch a ride with one of you guys once I reached KL, it will be hard for me if I'm the only playing the Fantasy tournament but the rest of you folks went back KL already. T_T

  8. Heavy Gear- aka another sci fi wargame thats not 40k! hahahaha. For those of you who are a fan of sequential and alternating activation heavy gear is the game to go to (especially since rackham has virtually disappeared.

    I think a way to describe the gameplay to those who have only experienced GW products is that its like Lord of the Rings(abit). Models in a squad are activated (read move,attack use equipment)individually, once all models in the squad are done play passes to the opponent who does the same with one of his squads. Play alternates between players until all squads are activated then the next round starts.

    I got attracted to this game due to the fact that it focuses heavily on objectives and not all of them capture the flag. The fact that you play with robots and walking tanks is also a plus. Another thing that i find great about Heavy gear is that your squads MUST work like an actual team. You got to use some guys to spot and relay coordinates, leaders to paint priority targets and select hitters to take the shot.

    Its definitely a skirmish level game thats fast brutal and one that can cause you to see your units wiped out faster then marines under a battle cannon template. Its also a combined arms game with robots, tanks and even infantry fulfilling specific roles.

    Word of warning though, even though the figure count is relatively low, a 1000pt army will cost you the same as a 100pt 40k army as the figs are either metal or resin cast.

    You can go to to check out the game and the quick start rules, as for a gallery you actually have it constantly up in the form of a banner at the top of the screen as you navigate their web site.

    If anyone is interested were trying to get enough orders together so someone (any retailer) can put in the minimum order required for retailers and bring in stuff.

  9. I wasn't able to make it. It pains me much.. trust me.


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