Monday, March 23, 2009

Legio News Flash

Hola folks!

We have a few juicy tidbits of news for you, so without further delay let's get on with it.

First, congratulations to the following three league players- they have officially placed in the top three positions in the Season 2 40K League, and have thus earned their spots in the League Championships on April 4th:

1st- Iskazri I.
2nd- Peter C.
3rd- Subhan

Well done! Now, the following players are officially invited to the Wild Card Tournament being held this Saturday, March 28th at 10:00 AM (registration at 9:45):

Faizal S. *
Khairul A.
Shazli M. *
Khairul E. *
Azlan R. *
Nazrin M. *
Iqbal *
Arzmi D. *
Johan R. *
Tay J. *
Chang F. *
Selvam S. *

These brave 12 souls will compete for the final spot in the League Championships as the Wild Card winner. Regardless of how well the Wild Card player does in the League Championships, he will earn the "Marksman's Honour" for his tournament triumph. Note that all names with an "*" have RSVPed their attendance. If you wish to play in the Wild Card Tournament you MUST RSVP BY WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25TH. Players who fail to RSVP by that time will NOT be eligible to participate.

Next, we have the results from our "Operation: Bagration" Flames of War Tournament that we ran on Saturday. 10 players competed for the top spot with some nice looking armies and a lot of friendly competition. Congrats to all who played, and here's the list of those honored with trophies:

Overall Champion: Nick C.
Best Sportsman: Jason S.
Best Painted: Azlan R.

And here's the complete stats!

Finally, Hobby Night this Friday has been cancelled. Hobby Night will resume on Friday, April 3rd at the usual times.

And that's about everything we have for this news update. Continue to keep a close eye on the Sporecon thread- we'll be posting event updates for your convenience there. The latest one is that the 40K tournament point value has been changed from 1500 to 1750 points, so factor that into your plans if you plan to attend.


  1. Ah. I was about to say, I got my dates mixed up, so I am free this coming Saturday but not the next one.

    So I guess I won't be seeing you guys for 2 weeks instead of one. :(

  2. Jeff, I'm in for the wildcards. Thanks.

  3. I can't wait for the Marksman's Honour. I should be able to confirm my brother's attendance by today or tomorrow latest. Lol we've been raring to have a go at each other again :D

  4. I am in???
    Dark Eldar,given another chance to get more slaves.

  5. Yeah, cause we all know that 6 games is not enough!

    Oh, and you're in the mini tournament Doc because you fulfill the criteria:
    6+ games played
    Fully based
    3+ colours

  6. Doc, you really need to try reading the league rules sometime lol...

    I'll put you down as coming this Saturday morning.


  7. The wild card mini-tourney looks like it's going to be a blast!

    Jeff, anyway the FoW stats can be linked to a bigger pic?

  8. Looks like I better finish my Spore-Con objective marker to fluff up the tourney...

  9. Good call Azlan on the FOW tournament stats. There's now a hyperlink on the mini image that will lead to a much clearer/larger image.

  10. Any idea if the rest of the players are coming? I know Azlan isn't coming for the mini-tournament, while my brother is still awaiting any last minute events at school this Saturday. I know that he wants to come though.

  11. Not sure, but folks have until midnight tomorrow to RSVP.

  12. Jeff, you forgot to mention the most important part of the tournament. Will there be pizza? :D

  13. No, I'm afraid not on the pizza. We'll have a lunch break, though. Club can't afford too many of those pizza lunches lol...

  14. Ok no prob. We'll figure something out :D

  15. sorry I can't make it for the wild card tourney.
    But be prepared to meet my orks during apocalypse on the 3rd.

  16. That's a shame Doc, but thanks for letting us know!


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