Friday, March 6, 2009

Legio News Update

Well folks, we have a few bits of news to get across to the membership, so let's get to it!

First, we want to make sure everyone remembers that there WILL be a full Legio club meeting this evening. We have a couple of issues we need to tackle, and we have some announcements for future event plans that should get even the most jaded hobbyist excited. If you're interested in helping us build a wargaming community together, we strongly urge you to attend tonight's meeting at 9 PM.

Next, our astropathic choir has just received a priority message from the next sub-sector- Singapore! The good folks at Paradigm Infinitum have officially announced the dates for the next SPORE convention. SPORE 2009 will take place on Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th, at the Singapore Polytechnic. Details are a bit scarce right now, but we do know there are some fantastic wargaming events planned.

On Saturday, they will be running a D-Day beach landing scenario for Flames of War. If you're an FoW fan, you should definitely pencil this into your hobby calendar. On Sunday they'll also have tables set aside for open Flames of War gaming. A whole weekend of WWII!

However, that's not all. On Saturday, there will be a Warhammer 40,000 tournament. We don't have any more details, like costs or points, but we will keep you all posted as we learn more.

On Sunday, they will also run a Warhammer tournament. Same deal- we don't have the full scoop on this yet, but once we get more news we'll pass it along.

Just like last year, Legio Malaysia will be sponsoring a Malaysian tournament team for both the 40K and WFB tournaments. There will be some prerequisites to join this team, but team members will enjoy some groovy tshirts and as yet-undetermined benefits. We'll briefly discuss this at tonight's meeting.

Finally, we want to remind everyone that we have a few spots left open for the Flames of War tournament on Saturday, March 21st. If you're interested, be sure to click on the banner at the top of the page and get registered!

That's about it this time around, Legionnaires. See you tonight!


  1. ooooooh ;-)

    Groovvvvy T-shirts!


    [Da Donkye]

  2. sorry for being late for the meeting..but faizal had filled me up with the details..

    despite of my very busy & erratic work schedules, I'll try & give my best to contribute to the gaming club..that's my pledge to you..

  3. Thanks Vuel ... so, your Raven Guard joining the invasion force to Spore 2009?

    I still have about 20 models + 2 objective markers to paint for my Spore 2009 army to be ready


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