Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who Shall Win the Marksman's Honour?

Well folks, it'll be one of these league die-hards:

Faizal S.
Khairul A.
Shazli M.
Khairul E.
Nazrin M.
Arzmi D.
Johan R.
Tay J.

Now, as a couple of you have mentioned, there are an odd number of competitors. My oh my, what shall we do...?

Well, we're going to use a "bottom bye" system. Assuming everyone shows up, the player with the worst regular season record will get a bye in the first round. All byes will be worth a 15 pt win. In subsequent rounds, the player with the worst overall standing will get the bye. With so few players in this tournament, I'm guessing that the overall winner of this tournament is going to need to win all three games. This means that players in Rounds 2 and 3 who get the bye are unlikely to win the tournament- if things go normally. If there are a lot of ties, who knows? Despite the drawbacks, this system is a good one for tournaments that involve a relatively low number of players. Therefore, assuming everyone shows up on time Saturday, here are the Round 1 matchups...

Faizal S. vs Johan R.
Khairul A. vs Arzmi D.
Shazli M. vs Iqbal
Khairul E. vs Nazrin M.

BYE- Tay J.

Subsequent rounds shall be seeded according to our standard swiss tournament system- winners against winners, losers against losers. Scoring will be done just like the league, except no bonus point will be added for fully painted armies. All other bonuses/penalties apply to your scores. No Sportsmanship or Appearance will be taken in this tournament. Once we get your battle points from all three games, I'll add your league averages in Sportsmanship and Appearance from the regular season to get an Overall Score. This is the score that will win (or lose) you the Marksman's Honour.

Everyone needs to get to the factory by 0945 at the latest. If you are late, and we have an even numbers of players... let's just say your tournament experience may have ended before it started! :) Tay, this means you need to show up early in case we have a no show, and you actually end up playing in the first round. If not, I suggest bringing a book or some models to paint! That goes for the rest of you- bring something to entertain yourselves if you end up being one of the people that gets a bye.

So, that's about it. If anyone has any questions or concerns, by all means drop me a line and we'll see what can be done. Once we determine the Wild Card winner, I'll contact all 4 League Champion finalists to determine whether we're running the championships on the 4th or the 11th. I've already heard that some can't make the 4th, so hopefully all four of you can make the 11th. I have one other possible option that will work with league guidelines, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, as they say.

Don't forget folks that there will be no Hobby Night tomorrow. Hobby Night will resume on April 3rd...


  1. Wow the pairings are up! I can't wait for this Saturday, should be a blast.

    Jin, my brother and I will be coming together, so no problems of arriving late :D

  2. May good fortune follow the victor! May your dice roll 6's excpet for Ld rolls! Good luck everyone!

  3. Owh no... Faizal AGAIN?! Land Raiders!!! X/

  4. Vroom vroom!! Im coming to get u Jo..Im Coming!!! It'll be a sweet revenge..

  5. Next time dont lash and forget to charge, ya?

  6. I better find some army trays so that I can deploy fast :D

  7. It's about 24 hours to go till the tournament rocks on.

    Is everyone ready? I'm losing sleep trying to figure out how to take out Faizal's list if I meet him :o

  8. haha, I won't forget that Jo..aside from winning I wanna have fun at the same time. So lets have an enjoyable and fun tourney tommorow..good luck everyone!

  9. me and peter will show up too. maybe we can be grot helpers for the day or something like that.

  10. Hey jeff, just asking, curious n am so so looking forward to playing....r d scenarios decided or do we roll like normal?


  11. Yeah, most important thing is to have fun...

    Perhaps if the we still got time maybe can have a quick Apoc?


  12. seems to be lots of fuunnn..i wanna playyy...

  13. Sorry Johan, but there's no way we're playing any more after the tourney. My wife isn't thrilled about me running Legio events three Saturdays in a row as it is lol...

    Khairul, the scenarios have been predetermined, but you'll only find out what they are when you show up tomorrow... :)


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