Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shazli M. Wins Wild Card Tournament

After a day of close games and tough battles, Shazli managed to come out on top and earn his way into the League Championships. We are still determining when they will be held, and as soon as we can confirm we'll let you all know.

In the meantime, click here to view the complete stats of the Wild Card tournament. Remember that Sportsmanship and Appearance scores are the final averages from the regular season.




  1. grats bro !!

    u r the teh Guilliman !!

    make sure u burn some heretics and xenos at the finals !!

  2. the ultramarines r here!! congrats bro!

  3. Well done brother Firaya. Now go forth and do the Imperium proud ...

  4. Congratz, dude... A well played league...

    Now go kick some Ork butt!

  5. Thanks guys, it was a really close tournament. I'm still shocked over how close the points were in the end.

    I posted another reply earlier but it seems to have vanished. Anyways, sometime after dinner I got a call from Is. I'm not sure if he's taken a cue from my analysis of all the players in the tournament, but he's done a complete profiling of my army. That includes the roles in any mission and deployment combination.

    Now that the gauntlet has been thrown, I'll have to figure out how to counter the semi-finalists and their armies. Not an easy task, so hopefully I can get some chats in before the finals.

  6. Congrats bro!! It was a close tournament indeed...go forth and do some damage on the finalists!!


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