Friday, March 6, 2009

Battlefront Miniatures wants to give YOU some free stuff!

That's right, this is an official "swag alert" for all Legionnaires and other hobbyists who visit Legio Malaysia. In case you don't check the Flames of War website often, they have just posted a survey that they would like people to fill out. The questions in it are about things like what wargames you play, how many armies you have, whether you read hobby magazines, etc.

Just a couple minutes of your time could get you a prize, and the top prize is a complete 2000 point army of YOUR CHOICE, painted by the Battlefront STUDIO. All of the winners are being chosen randomly amongst those who fill out the online survey. Interested?

Click here and check it out for yourself. Be sure to log in and follow the simple instructions. Who knows, maybe you'll end up with some freebies!


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  2. Woot! I want some free stuff too! heheheh ;P

  3. I checked out the survey, and while I would appreciate any of the prizes, either for myself or to donate to the club, I can't answer it honestly.

    There are no options for none, no I don't play, never etc. So as much as I would have loved to answer it for a chance at a prize, I will have to give it a pass as I don't want to cheat.

    A pity, since I actually love filling out surveys, giving comments and such :(

  4. Ditto, Shaz!

    40k all the way!

    Although Heavy Gear was fun...

  5. Oh and btw, drop by 40kmalaysia forums as I've typed out my invitation for an Apocalypse game on the 27th!


    All are welcome to join the CARNAGE!

  6. I want a free army painted by Battlefront staff!!! me! me! :)


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