Monday, March 30, 2009

40K League Championships Scheduled

After speaking with all four confirmed players, we have a date everyone can make it to. The finals will be held on Saturday, April 11th at Battlefront Miniatures. Please arrive no later than 0945 so we can start promptly at 1000. As before, the championships are single elimination, and therefore only two rounds will be played. There will be no lunch break per se- the final round will be held within 15 minutes of completing Round 1.

The Round 1 matchups will be:

Iskazri I. vs Shazli M.

Peter C. vs Subhan

Good luck to all the competitors, and may the best man win the Purity Seal. Ave Legio!


  1. 11 April is cool, will have almost two weeks to figure out strategies against the semi-finalists :o

  2. dear dude with the big blue brain/bum, in case u r not aware....YOU are 1 of the semi-finalists too now. Welcome aboard!...u r now stepping up to a plate with xenos, heretics + daemons who all wanna maim, destroy or devour u. Have a nice 2 pressure...u start off with a nice big group hug wiv 30 Boyz...did i mention the package also comes with 7 Mat Rempits with Power Klaws + FNP? Cheers :D

  3. Well thank goodness I don't have to fight against myself, I wouldn't know how if I tried :D

    For the Mat Rempit orks, I should commission some grots to load Is's dice so it will always turn up 1s. I've always had a small chance of beating that list, I just need to tune my strategies a bit hehe.

  4. Good luck guys! This should be an interesting fight


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