Thursday, March 12, 2009

Warmachine Plastics....?

Yes indeed, for those who haven't already seen, Privateer Press is set to release their first ever plastics release with a five model squad of Exemplar Bastions. The miniatures look fantastic, and I'm sure our small group of Legionnaire Warmachine enthusiasts are looking forward to seeing the sprues first hand.

For more information and a 360 degree view of the models, click on the Privateer Press link in our Killer Hobby Links section!

Now, one of these day I need to paint my Cryx! ;)


  1. plastic? definitely gonna buy them for my marines' conversion projects..hahaha..

  2. Actually, I've been wanting to play Warmachine, i think their minis are awesome.

  3. i think they make ideal conversion bits for Tzeentch!! and actually, it could be a good introductory to Warmachine itself. vive le plastique!!!

  4. YAY! PLASTIC! Convershunssss!!!

    I wanted to use a Blue Troll for my Ork Warboss but was too... Metal to convert easily.

  5. Looks good, Warmachine players should be happy :D

  6. Question now is will the price be significantly cheaper or just slighty??
    Anyways, can start my protectrate army again. So much dust due to 40K madness..hehehe


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