Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Advance Signups for Iron Painter, Feb 20th

We are now taking them, folks. Please email Legio Malaysia your full name and we'll put you on the list. Space is limited, so don't delay. Please note that we'll send out a confirmation email in early February to make sure you're still coming. The following competitors have already registered:

Jeff B.
Juan M.
Khairul E.
Iqbal R.
Iskazri I.
Alvin K.
Shazli M.
Joe S.

Only 6 spots left- don't delay! :)


  1. wait a sec, there's actually a registration limit for Iron Painter? Count me in then.

  2. we only have 15 small tablesdude :)

  3. how do we register? any requirements? I would like to join, please. So, please sign me up.

  4. The post up there says it all- just email Legio Malaysia with your full name and you're good to go. Is, we have your email here so you're good. Same for Iqbal. You're both signed up.

  5. Submitted my list and request to join today. Hope I get a lot of models done on this day whee.

  6. joining with kisses

    will be bringing them orks

  7. I have your email as well, so you're good Arzmi :)

  8. hey is it k if i hand u my email, and name, to u guys personally cause my email has problems with emailing u guys for some reason

  9. @lordbob- not a problem, dude. However, you MUST respond to the email we send out in early Feb if we end up having reserve requests. You should get your email issues fixed ASAP.

  10. I got one question regarding Iron Painter. The rules allowed us to bring models that are basecoated in one colour, right?

    My question would be:
    Can I come with some models basecoated in one colour (say, green), while some others are still in their primed/undercoat colour of black and some in white?

  11. If by basecoated you mean undercoated, yes, you can have different models undercoated different colors as long as each model has only one color. So, you could have some sprayed with white primer, while others are black (for instance). You could not go back and paint a basecoat green over a black undercoat (for instance) until Iron Painter actually starts. Does this make sense to you?

    Remember folks, the intention is that you may start with assembled and primed models.

  12. Okay then, that makes it much clearer now. Thanks bro!


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