Thursday, December 10, 2009

RSVP Thread, and FAQ as promised

Howdy folks!

As is our weekly ritual here at Legio Malaysia, here's the thread to post your attendance RSVP. Post away, and be sure to tell us all what you've got planned for your hobby time? Playtesting a Kindred list, perhaps? A couple of pick up games? Maybe some painting? We'd all love to hear about it. Personally, I'll be either painting Flesh Tearers stuff, or Sisters of Battle. Depends on whether the new models show up or not! :)

In addition, we've finally posted the Legio Malaysia FAQ. You can view it on the right in the Legio Downloads section. Hopefully, it will clear up some misconceptions and answer your basic questions as to what we're all about here.

Please note that this is a living document, and that we'll constantly update it with additional information, or make changes based on the desires of the club membership. I've heard through the grapevine some pretty wacky stories about what some people think our club does or does not do. I hope this FAQ helps clear that stuff up.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing as many folks as possible tomorrow. If you live in Selangor tomorrow's a holiday- weee! We'll open Legio at the standard time of 5:30 PM tomorrow, so please don't show up TOO early... :)



  1. The Saim-Hann will be there. Any among you who wishes to have their heads cut off?? We've recently added one blue and 2 black/green helmets to our poles. Blood still wet!

  2. I'll be there, gonna have a Planetstrike game with Azlan.

    But I seem to have more Heavy Support than anything else. So I dunno how we're gonna work it out. Heh heh.

    Thanks for the FAQ Jeff! How do we get in as members?

  3. likewise, I also made some heads of the 'not-so-fortunates' of Arenxis Minoris, all 6 of them..not painted yet though..

    most probably, I'll be doing hobby tomorrow..

    boy, you guys are lucky..I'm still working tomorrow..

  4. I'll be there too with my World Eaters! Since is holiday for me, I think I'll reach there at 5:30pm :D

    I want to try Planet Strike too! :(

  5. Oh yea, how do we become a member of Legio?

  6. @alvin & joe: since it's per invitation only, feel free to discuss it with Jeff & Azlan tomorrow :)

  7. The Calthian 2nd Regiment will be there tomorrow. Not too early though since I have a killer meeting at 3pm and it may go on forever.

  8. @Joe and Alvin- Just come find me and Azlan tomorrow and we can chat about membership, and what it means/is expected. :)

  9. Good FAQ.. well done Legio.
    Another step forward for the Malaysian scene.

    Looking forward to 2010.

  10. Nice work on the FAQ! I live in Selangor, my main office is in Selangor, but my client is in KL, so I'm working tomorrow :( ... but after work .... !!!

  11. @Vuel - hey! 5 heads only! the Eldar of Aul'thavon abandoned the planet, and we've never had a game, so there's no way you can claim any Eldar skulls from the 'fishbone' craftworld...

    unless, of course, we fight an actual game, possibly tmrw :D

    I should be there - will try to be early too, I work in Selangor, but advertising will be advertising - so keeping my fingers crossed. I want 40k games!!!

  12. Oh Jeff, let me know if you want them spray kans.

  13. Ah yes, if I could get 3 kans that'd be great.

  14. Im coming and im bringing the gang with me. Hope a mass RSVP is ok. :P

    Me, Kong, Alan, Soo Kai, Salleh and Andy are coming to play infinity.

  15. @dann: ok lah, I take out 1 of the Eldar heads lah..luckily it ain't painted yet, can still do these changes..

    looks like it's gonna be a full house tomorrow ;)

  16. @veul- farseer dann is correct. Pray tell when you 'personally' deserved to put a mighty Saim-Hann helmet on a pole???

  17. rsvp with kisses

    will be painting them orks

    by the way, jeff can you help show me the sexy dipping position...i mean painting style

    went to ACE hardware other day but found out they had at least 5 versions of color. prolly see how one goes before i decide to buy it. also can i buy some sand off you? couldnt find it at ace hardware

    and my grey knights are officially retired until they get a new codex

    consider this a warning from the inquisition GW

  18. @khairul & dann: scratch it, I'm gonna put both of your heads on the pole since we won the war's gonna be a 'team' objective marker..

  19. @dann: anyway, to be fair to you, did you lost any of the matches you played in the campaign?

    the Saim-hann's head are there coz they lost to the World Eaters (and the Orks too, if I'm not mistaken)..

  20. @Jinn- you can do a mass RSVP but if you could give me last names as well that will help prevent confusion with the gate guard :)

  21. 28mm ROUND BASES.
    I have bought a box of dark elves cosairs and would like to convert them to Dark Eldars. Trust me they look meaner.
    Unfortunately, I need about 10pcs of 28mm round bases.
    So if you guys have some unused 28mm for donation or sale, let me know.
    Your kindness will be repaid.....a swift painless death?
    Ok...I will have a chat with the Master Hemonculus and maybe he will spare you the misery of torture.
    Ave Legio.

  22. @Vuel: nope, didnt lose any games, but then again i only played two games hahaha...

    tell you what, we play tonight, then you can go ahead and make your guardian on a pole trophy :D

  23. @dann: since you didn't lose any, then your guardian's head won't be there, plain and simple. It'll only be for the slain ones.

    @doc: will the 28mm slotta-base be okay for you? I don't have any extra of the closed ones..

    Btw, I'll be a bit late today, perhaps somewhere around 9 pm..crossing my fingers that I can come earlier..

  24. will be coming. not sure yet what to hobby...painting...the possibilities are endless :)

  25. daemons will be there too. early as always :)

  26. Saleh The Tourney GrotDecember 11, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    I am gonna show up with my infinity models and a Fortress of Redemption tonight. I just opened the shrink-wrap to check the contents. Maybe I can get it up and running if I can't game.

  27. 2nd Calthian Regiment was stuck in the office meeting till 10 pm. Real life sucks


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