Friday, December 11, 2009

Kindred Team Hobby Champion

Greetings all.

I've been pleasantly surprised to find out that most of you will be going for the Team Hobby Champion for Kindred which brings along with it the ultimate prize for this tournament, the coveted Legio Purity Seal.

I was under the impression that most would be gunning for the Best General award. Why? Well, mainly because discussions regarding Kindred centred around all the possible nasty(cheesy heheh) combos that can be made from two different armies working together. I know for a fact that everyone had fun and are continuing to have fun thinking of such combos and how to use them during Kindred.

This is just great for the event. For some this could be your introduction to a 40k tournament environment, some will be gunning for the Best General, to those who want to prove you're a nice guy at the table...hey there's the Sportsmanship award. There's also the People's Choice award. And for the hobbyist, the Team Hobby Champion. Something for everyone. How cool is that?

So to assist you and your kindred in your quest for your holy grail aka Legio Purity Seal, here are some details Arzmi and me will be looking out for when judging your armies at Kindred. Since Jeff has given us free rein as to how we want to run this tournament, and this being the first LHT, we want to set a high standard. This is a hobby tournament after all!

The following will be a guideline only to help you prepare for Kindred. You do need to do it but it will help come tournament day. Again this is a hobby tournament so all those extra effort helps.

1. Written background on your army. Not more than 100 word on the fluff of your army. Why
they are working together, what's special behind their collaboration, special history together
etc. You do not need to prepare this but it would help. Extra effort remember.
2. Is there a theme to your armies?
3.Is the chosen army fluff with the 40k universe? For example, you are free to select
Ultramarines and Tryanids but you had better come up with a good story as to why they have
decided to fight together. Think carefully about this when making your army selection.
4. Painting for every miniatures and models must be to the highest standard.
5. Are both of your army's bases similarly themed? It doesn't necessarily have to be exactly the
same but should share common features.
6. Conversions to make units unique are good.
7. Extra attention to special characters is also good. They are the heroes after all.
8. Is unit selection in line with the background/storyline provided?
9. Can the theme chosen be visually seen in both armies?
10. Have both partners gone the extra mile to complete their army in the spirit of LHT?

Basically that's it folks. We are looking for the best painted, best themed, best hobby modeling, best everything combined in that one army(meaning you and your partner's). We will be looking at the extra mile you have taken to make your army worthy to be crowned Kindred Team Hobby Champion. Make sure that come Kindred there will be no denying that you and your partner are the only deserving owners of that Legio Purity Seal.

Please also use this if you have any questions in regards to Kindred.


Can my Farseer cast fortune on my partner's Berzerkers?

Previously we said yes but upon checking with the Eldar codex, Fortune only works on Eldar units. Our apologies for this misinformation.

So go back to your drawing boards and make it work.

Amaze us all at Kindred. God bless and good luck.

Legionnaire Khairul


  1. I am not really the type for stories and stuff.. Izzit possible to just join in without all this background story and etc..

  2. of course you can, read guideline #1..but don't expect to get the Team Hobby Champion IF everybody else is bringing along their fluff..heck, some may even make their own codex ;)

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  4. Remember that I said that I have a friend who was intersted in this wonderful hobby?
    Well I think I will get him to use my Orks and pair it with my DE. I am sure this will be a great opportunity for him to get to know the game.
    The storyline?
    Well you guys just have to wait for it.....

  5. @redeye- like vuel said, yes you can join without preparing the things that can bag you the Team Hobby Champion. But you can still go for the Best General and Best Sportsman awards as these are not necessary for these 2 categories. Its gonna be fun. Come join pl :)

    @doc- apologies doc but this is the first time we're running a Legio Hobby Tournament (LHT). Rulespack states under Army Apperance that "All armies must be played by the person that built and painted them".

    This should not stop you from getting him/her (i hope its a her) 500 points worth of 40k stuffs for Christmas. Then teach them how to paint them. Still lots of time left. Hey, join Iron Painter!!!

  6. Fair enough...but if I could some up with a very reasonable storyline? (just pushing my luck....)
    As I said the timetable for next year is abit unstable....can't even promise for Kindred yet,bro. Anyway, it's a guy.

  7. My Ork's storyline on why we combined with the World Eaters:

    Big Boss Murdawaaagh!: "Coz dem red boyz go fasta!"

  8. @Khairul: Bro, since u already have support from 4 of our FLGSs (Roll Some Dice, Comics Mart, Wolf's Game Shop, Games Circle), why don't you post them up here? It could work both ways; for us to promote the tournament, and for them by promoting their stores here :)

    p/s: so, which stores left?..Comics Corner (and all their branches) & Manawerx Trading could be a possibilty but they're more to card-based gaming & boardgames, not tabletop wargaming.


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