Sunday, December 13, 2009

Local Games Shops supports Kindred

In our efforts to reach out to more gamers to participate in Kindred we decided to try and approach some LGS to have our posters up at their places. In all honestly, I wasn't to sure about the response I would be getting since this is the first time I would be doing so. So with a glass half full attitude I went to see them.

Guys, one word best describes all 3 managers/owners to me : AWESOME!!!
These guys are great. I didn't have to pitch hard. Not true. What i did doesn't even constitute as pitching. I described the basic details of Kindred, showed them the poster and rulespack and that was it! They said they would be happy to support the event. And immediately went to put up the poster! Just how awesome are they?? They even asked me where would be the best place to put up the posters!!!

So to you kind Sirs, from me personally and on behalf of Legio Malaysia, Thank You so very much for your kindness and support. You guys are great!!

Roll call of these great guys.

Mr. William Phang of Comics Mart in Midvalley. Check out those biceps...he would be initiated into any space marine chapter for sure.

Mr. Francis Wolf of Wolf Game Shop in SS14 Petaling Jaya. Multi talented shop owner. Mention my name to get extra special discount.

Mr. Richie Nga...errr...I mean Lord Vader of Games Circle in SS22 Damansara Jaya. Just don't mention the Alliance if you meet him. If your name happens to be Luke...then you definately need to see him.

All three fine establishments are currently stocked with some great GW products that you can get in preparation for Kindred. Some are even having a fantastic sale for Christmas. So let's support our local games shops by visiting their place to get some nice gifts for friends, family and most importantly...ourselves!! Bring lots of cash.

And while you're there do please check out our nice Kindred poster and Rulespack.

Fine gentlemen, our most sincere appreciation again. Happy holidays.


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  2. We have a new ambassador for 40K now :D

  3. Nicely done getting the message out Khairul!

  4. Thank you guys. Just doing my job. Trying to spread the fun of miniature gaming to more people out there.

  5. Support our local shops and clubs. Wishing you all the best for this event.

  6. good going khairul! ;P Those Eldar mind tricks really came in handy, didn't they? hahaha

    seriously though, I was speaking with a few ppl in GC, they're interested in joining as well! Brilliant stuff, this might be our biggest event yet!

  7. Syabas Khairul and Arzmi! I am so sorry for not being there for support but you have outdone most organisers by going all out for this tourney. Proud of you guys.
    Furthermore, congratulation on the promotion at Legio, Khairul. Well done.
    A small pantun as appreciation-

    Siabang Khairul ketua Wild Host,
    Mukanya hansem, pandai ber-pose,
    Grey knights pula kepalanya,Arzmi,
    Hatinya lembut,tapi lebih ranggi.

    Banyak-banyak Hive World ditawan,
    Hati pun senang,rasanya bagus,
    Abang adik ni sudah berkawan,
    Diapa bergabung kita-lah mampus.

  8. Seriously doc, you're like the 'Pantun' God of Legio bro! :D


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