Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season 3 40K League a Wrap!

Well, this past Saturday we wrapped it all up with a hard fought Championship round. Howls of pain and bloodlust echoed through the halls, and a winner emerged from the darkness. Please extend your congratulations to Iskazri I. for becoming the first two-time 40K League Champion! Huzzah! He defeated Faizal's nasty Imperial Guard force in truly Orky fashion. Well done.

In addition, here are the other Season 3 winners:

Marksman's Honor: Khairul E.

Khairul won the Wild Card Tournament, securing the 4th and final seed in last Saturday's Championship with 3 convincing wins. Despite losing to Iskazri in the first round of the Championships, Khairul played his Saim-Hann Eldar well!

Best Sportsman: Azlan R.

Whether he was winning or losing, Azlan was a cheerful opponent with a fantastic themed Ravenwing army. I fought him to a draw in the league with my Unclean host, and it was the most fun I had in the league. Kudos!

Best Appearance: Khairul E.

I think it was pretty obvious to all that he deserved this award. His Saim-Hann Eldar look fantastic, and he got it done in a short time to boot. Huzzah!

League Fanatic: Alvin K.

Alvin played 11 games in his first league, getting in as many as could at each opportunity. He played a tough, nice looking Alpha Legion army that also scored high in the appearance category. Nicely done!

We'll be handing out all the trophies for these mighty champions, including the Purity Seal, on the first day of the next 40K league. Have a look at the polls below and click on your vote for the points total and dates for the next league. While these results are non-binding, we will definitely take them into strong consideration when we announce the next league.

Congrats to all who participated. Until next time...


  1. Congratulations to Warboss Is for showing us all how its done! Well done bro. Congrats also to the other winners!!!

    Wow....the Saim-Hann walked away with 2 honours!!! Thank you guys. Thank you very much :)

  2. Wah, settle la, Khairul won 2 awards wei! Let's see the next league what armies will come out to play... :D

  3. wow, I won something? cool! Congrats to Iz! we bow to your awesomeness!!! :)

  4. Congrats to all! Looks like we'll have to try harder to stop the Green Tide next year :D

  5. The Warboss is truly unstopable.. The world is doomed!!

    Congratulations to all other winners!

  6. Waaaaagh! Iskazri.
    Suggestion-Maybe we can sabotage his bikes....throw a few rusted nails on the battlefield?

  7. We've showed dem how its don. Mebbe dey'll learn not to mess wiv us next time an' just roll over an'die when we iz come. Waaaaaaargghh!

    Thank you all and congrats to all winners. Khairul has improved tremendously in his gameplay, and my fight with him was a close fight, up until the point when Eldrad got pinned, lol. As for Faizal, the end was inevitable when da boyz reach his lines, with 3 tanks blowing up on the turn da mobs first charged. Of course, I didn't expect to wipe out his army...

    for 2010 i plan to retire the mob and field an IG army. of course, that's subject to the said SCARS project getting finished on time :)

  8. Congrats to all winners!! Sorry guys, the orks are too strong for the Cadians..huhu..it's been a great season indeed with my cadians managed to finish third overall and reached the finals. IG is indeed a force to be reckon with. Lord Commander Faizal will return!

    For Cadia and for the Emperor!!

  9. congrats to the winners, participants and Legio for organising the League. It was great fun!

  10. congrattsss to izz!!! unbeatable champion..!!..wondering why d banner looks so cool..hehehe..tankiu khairul n arzmi..coolness..love u guys

  11. congrats Iz for winning the league! Da orkz seriously damn strong opponent to face~

    I extend my tenta...i mean, congratulations to Khairul for winning two awards (he deserve that appearance award!), Azlan for his sportsmanship award(well, i know him for a short while but i know he really suit that title!), and alvin for his fanatiscm with his heretics clad in power rangers emblem!

  12. hey, becareful on what you say regarding the so-called 'power rangers' emblem. We are Alpharius, provoking one means provoking all.

    Hehehe :p


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