Monday, December 7, 2009

Congrats to Khairul for winning the Marksman's Honor!

After a closely fought tournament, Khairul and his Saim Hann Eldar managed to go undefeated on Saturday. He and his Wild Host will be the 4th seed in the Season 3 40K League Championships being held at 10 AM on Saturday, December 19th. Good luck to all the competitors!

Below are the final results for all 7 competitors in the Wild Card Tournament. Note that Appearance and Sportsmanship scores are the final averages from the regular season. No appearance or sportsmanship scores were taken during the tournament.


  1. Congrats Farseer of the Wild Ones. We of the Alaitoc bid you the best in the upcoming battles against the mon-keigh

  2. This Saim Hann Eldar has gone to far.
    Archon Mavles will be back soon to put a stop this menace, once for all!!!!
    And whoever get in the way, better watch out for the wrath from the Kabal of the Disembowlers.

  3. Yay! Congrats to Khairul. Despite what he says, his playing skills have been improving a lot. Well earned ticket to the finals :D

    Personally it was a fun day, especially fighting Zaki on the city terrain table. It was a pity we were limited by time, it would be fun to play out that match to its eventual finale.

  4. Ths Saim Hann rules!! Congrats to Farseer Khairul

  5. Thank you all!!! Honestly, it was a unexpected surprise for me. Didn't expect to do that well considering the other 6 were all good players.

    Especially the second game against Alvin's Alpha Legion CSM. That has got to be the BEST and most memorable game of 40k i've played so far! Alvin is an awesome guy. A great sport and super guy to play against. It was brutal. Mayhem all over the table. I thought i had lost the game. But after kill points were tallied, apparently the Saim-Hann came up tops. Thanks so much Alvin. I truly enjoyed that game.

    @Doc- the Saim-Hann is still waiting for that dark eldar head to stick on our poles! So finish your pleasure cruise quickly and look us up.
    ps:crucible of M has been outlawed at legio :)

    Lets hope the Saim-Hann can stop the rampaging Orks next.

  6. @khairul: Congratulations bro, u deserve it! That last match was very tough!

    by the way, looking at the table..highest sportsmanship average: me?..really?
    @alvin: let's cross our fingers that the other guys has lower average than I do, so our target of Alpha Legion winning at least two awards would come true..hahaha :p

  7. Wah Khairul, our game was the most brutal game I've ever experienced throughout my entire Alpha Legion army's existence.

    Even from turn 1 onwards, vehicles started to get immobilized (my Land Raider immobilized itself at the river, what the...) and from then on things started to die. Vehicles started to explode. Epic la man...

    Especially when you made all 9 of that 5+ invul saves with your Fortune that made me go O__O" and made me say "Oh my Chaos Gods!". Your Fortune lived up to it's name.

    Next time, we have to play a bigger battle la. Haha.

  8. Iqbal, if other player's sportsman score ain't as high as yours then you may get the Best Sportsmanship! That's cool man, I've already got the League Fanatic, it's down to you to ensure that the Alpha Legion gets 2 awards!

    I also realized that my appearance is 8, does this mean that everyone that I've played against gave me a nice round 8 even with 11 games? So accurate la man... Haha.

  9. @Khairul- Good luck in stopping the Orks. Doom and Fortune is the word, bro.

  10. Congrats Khairul. I won't be here to witness what is to be the EPIC battle royale. Good luck to you all on the final battle for supremacy. Happy Holidays too. CHEERS!

  11. big hearty grats to my bro!! you the man!! now what could be more satisfying than winning marksman you say? of course its buying your little brother another box of stormboyz!! love you lots bro

  12. So, should I order the Stormboyz now? Or until your bro pays up? :D


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