Thursday, December 3, 2009

Legio Hobby Doubles Tournament- March 6th, 2010


I am very pleased to announce that a new team of Legionnaires, consisting of Khairul and Arzmi, is running their very first tournament, "Kindred", on Saturday, March 6th 2010. As I mentioned in the previous post, this is a tournament that will feature hobby as the main event, yet will still offer something for everyone.

Players in the tournament team up with one other player and form a combined 1000 point joint army with their individual 500 point forces. The two Troops choices requirement is waived for your 500 points- all you need at a minimum is one HQ choice and only one Troops. The rest is simply by the standard rules of your codex.

You're allowed to team up with ANYONE! Eldar and Dark Eldar, Orks and Tyranids, or whatever your deranged minds might come up with. However, if you're interested in the Purity Seal your team should represent a plausible combined force. Paint your models in a similar theme. Write up a great back story. Base them all the same. These are just some of the ideas that you can try to make your joint army a contender for Team Hobby Champion!

All models in your joint force are considered close allies, and therefore may benefit from almost all of each other's special abilities. Imagine an Eldar player teamed up with Dark Eldar. He casts Fortune on the Dark Eldar Archon, who happens to be equipped with a Shadow Field granting him a 2+ Invulnerable save. YES, he gets to re-roll it now! Weeee!!! For those of you who enjoy plumbing the deepest mines of cheese for the ultimate power combo, this is your tournament.

This is also a great tournament for new players. You only need a 500 point force, painted to minimum standard Legio requirements. Find a partner and you're all set! Don't worry about the results at the end of the day- just look at this as a great chance to try out tournament style of play. You might love it!

Finally, this is a great tournament for the hobby guys out there. With only 500 points to do, you can build the army you've been curious about but never did. Better yet, you can find a partner and coordinate your armies from scratch- design, building, painting, and background from the get go! That sounds AWESOME to me.

For the complete tournament pack that should answer all your questions, click on the "Kindred" banner at the top of this page.

So, there you have it. We've already been asked some questions, so let me address a few here. However, from here on out please direct your questions/comments to Arzmi and Khairul. This is their baby, and they are in control of every facet of this tournament. For once, I'm just a participant! :D


Can my Farseer cast Fortune on my partner's Berzerkers?

Absolutely! No problem at all. Beneficial psychic powers may be cast on your partner's models, as they are considered friendly.

Can my Howling Banshee squad be transported inside his Chaos Land Raider?
Yes, as long as the transport is not a dedicated transport for one particular squad. Also, if the vehicle description states that only a certain type of model may be transported inside (like a Grey Knights Land Raider), then those rules must be followed.

Will my Orks benefit from my partner's Commander Dante "Inspiring" rule?

No, since the rule states that Blood Angels specifically are the only ones affected. Only benefits that are given to "friendly" models may be used by your partner.

For all other inquiries please ask Khairul and Arzmi! Post and Discuss!!!


  1. I love the poster guys. Awesome! Rulepack are great as well.

    I'm fielding my Black Legion. Who wants to bleed with me?

  2. @Arzmi & Khairul- I posted this up on the Multiply boards as well, in the Wargamers Malaysia forum. Hopefully some of the CM folks will be interested to attend!

  3. Cool!! Thanks Jeff. 2nd hurdle. Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

  4. OMG! that is an awesome poster! Jeff, you are a god!

  5. Guys this will be great. Right after the Iron Painter, I am sure that many of us will be itching to try out our newly painted armies.
    Ahhh...I can't sit quietly anymore. Hands are itchy.....I am going to Orchard road this Wednesday and try to find a new army for Iron Painter.

  6. niiice! i like the hollywood-style poster ..

  7. Guys, great that you like the poster. More goodness to come!!!

  8. question!

    can an ally IC joins my own unit in a transport? :)

  9. @Dann- Actually, Arzmi and Khairul are the gods! They have prepared ALL of the materials for this event, including the killer poster. I've just made a suggestion here and there. This is their deal, 100%!

    Glad you like it- I do too! Makes my tourney materials from the past look like poo!

  10. coollnesssssssss.....damn coollll...damnn...1000pts..nicee..awesomesttt..cant say a word dude....btw,,,happy bufday to grey knight grand master arzmi..attention to gm arzmi n farseer khairul,, mamak dis coming friday is on me,,,settle..:)

  11. @Joe- Yes they can as long as that model can intially enter any vehicle and is not restricted to any specific vehicle.

  12. @Subhan- thank you thank you, please come up with a super cheese combo because this friday i want to order roti canai cheese double cheese with cheese sauce.

  13. @Jeff- we're not gods. Just 2 ordinary legionaires doing their job. Ave Legio!!!

  14. i've got a question, since this is a 1000 points game per side, how big a battlefield will it be? 4' x 4' or the normal 6' x 4'?

  15. Awesome job on the poster guys!!! ONS!!!

  16. @Grimfang- normal 6 x 4 tables will be used.


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