Saturday, December 19, 2009

What an Awesome Last Hobby Nite of the Year!

It was indeed an awesome Hobby Nite! We started off early with just Jeff and me at the hobby table, but soon enough the Legio filled up with many happy hobby people. The hobby table filled up with Jeff, Iz, Shazli, Alvin and Arzmi busy churning stuff. Iqbal actually had to go to another table to do his models.

A whole bunch of people were at the gaming tables - Salleh, Din, Subhan, Kong, Lexxis, Nahri, to name a few. Soo Jin's impressive IG tanks were ... impressive! I've seen them before, and I don't get tired of looking at them. Khairul and Arzmi turned up with brand-new ultra-limited edition Kindred promo t-shirts, much to my envy. Rizal unveiled his new IG army - complete with 5 Leman Russ and 2 Valkyrie - looks scary enough. Dann, Khairul, Arzmi and I tried out a doubles game - the dynamics are totally different from the usual solo game - you guys should try it out!

We also had a member's meeting to wrap up Legio matters for 2009 and set the stage for 2010. I won't get into details, suffice to say that I am totally looking forward to what's coming up in the Year of the Tiger.

Of course, last nite was not exactly the last time in 2009 the Legio was filled with the sounds of dice rolling, cries of anguish and victory, drills and cutters and heavy metal. We also had the league play-offs today, which doubled as a members'-only hobby time as well. But more details on that later.

Anyways, I think you know that I lurv Hobby Nite! Here's to 2010. See you guys at the next Hobby Nite!


  1. Looking forward to 2010. Great things ahead!

  2. It sure was a fun and eventful night!
    So many things happened:
    - Hobby table got overloaded
    - Lots of furious dice-chucking
    - Legio End of the Year meeting
    - a doubles 3500 pts/side game
    - a Kindred game
    - airbrushing session
    - and last but not least, a scout-heavy RG TA-ing a tank heavy's all because of fleet bro, hehehe :p

  3. double posting, but I need to comment though..

    Nice Kindred banner, how frequent is it going to change? Is it going to be randomized (according to participant) or daily?

  4. Yeah it was a super hobby nite.
    1.Many thanks to Azlan & Dann for playtesting Kindred. Like Lan said, please give it a try cause the game at that level and being doubles is different from what we're used to. Plus you need to playtest if your cool aka cheese combo really works on the table and not just in your evil imaginations.
    2. Funny that no one really asked me if they could get one of those nice Kindred promo t-shirt??? Hhhmmmmm
    3. Register early (as in paid registration) and your name might just get on those banner. Hint hint :)

  5. 2. Oh really I ask Azmi about the Tshirt.. Imo they feel kinda Iron on logo on a normal black Tshirt..

    Worried that a few washes and its gone..

  6. @Khairul- How long did the game take?

  7. the game took like 45 minutes. But then, i was fielding Thousand Sons, so can only fit in 1 squad, Rhino and Sorcerer.

    btw, just noticed the banner. Thanks very much. Very nice.

  8. 500 points DE will make up of 10 warriors, 2 Hemonculi on Jetbikes and 3 jetbikes.
    Very neat, very fast and very deadly. Imagine this 5 jetbikes come and shoot you with 2 blasters and 2 corrosive acid(flamer template).
    While the warriors hold the ground.
    The other 500 points will come from their slaves whoever that can be SM slaves or Ork slaves, all forced to obey the one Master, The Dark Father.

  9. But before they can reach, they will have to survive 24 S6 AP6 36" scatter lasers from 3 war walkers. ..Guided. LOL
    When u coming back Doc?

  10. That was an excellent hobby night! Great meeting and got some good work done on my Penitent Engine...

  11. Those damn Walkers...guided pulak tu.
    I will have my slaves take care of that.


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