Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Battle of Dunnkyrc!!!

Even as the proud edifices of Arenxis Minoris burn and its populace put to the sword, or worse, what remains of the Lord General Faizal's force has been sheperded to the decommissioned mining spaceport of Dunnkyrc. There they hold out against overwhelming forces of Chaos as they await blockade runners to ferry them off-world and to safety so that they may return and fight once more for the Emperor! The evil forces of Lord Minthras have vowed to let none escape their true destiny!

This Friday's Apoc game will be murderous!

Forces of Chaos:
The Unclean - Jeff
World Eaters of DOOOOOM - Jo
Red Corsairs - Paxter
Alpha Legion - Iqbal

Your treacherous xenos allies are no where to be seen!!!! (we know how that feels)

Forces of the Imperium:
7th Cadian - Faizal
Ultramarines (?) - Rizal
Grey Knights - Arzmi
Ravenwing - me
the blue xenos cur - Dann
the red xenos cur - Khairul

Remember, minimum 1500pts per player, no FOC, painted, based WYSIWYG as per tourney standard, no super-heavies for the Imperium ...

Also, if your special character dies in this battle, he/she/it shall appear no more in future Legio campaigns ... amen ...


  1. We shall put all the fleeing vermin to the sword this Friday! Praise Nurgle!!

  2. The Forces of 'Pure' Astartes marines shall rid of the Xenos-infested marines this coming friday!

  3. Can non player come to witness the carnage??

  4. sure ... Legio is open for Hobby nite ... it's just that 3 tables will be joined for the Apoc game

  5. it's now down to 3 vs 5..nevermind..No Fear, No Mercy, No Respite!

  6. We regret to report that communications with the 5th Company Ultramarines and its attendent fleet were lost while they were travelling in the warp for resupply at Maccragge. However, rumour has it that another Space Marine chapter is operating near Arexis Minoris and they have been requested to assist if they can.

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  8. As the Kabal has predicted, Arenxis Minoris has been liberated from the foul taint of the Imperium..For The Emperor!


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