Sunday, December 6, 2009

Defeat at Dunnkyrc: the Fall of Arenxis Minoris

On Friday nite, Lord Faizal's rearguard attempted in vain to stop the Chaos hordes from swamping the decommissioned mining spaceport at Dunnkyrc, the last remaining escape point on Arenxis Minoris.

The Imperium's mission was simple, but crucial. As Task Force Maximillian, comprised of Admiral Maximillian's flagship the battlecruiser Knight of the Emperor and 63 combat vessels, engaged the Chaos blockade around Arenxis Minoris, 4 destroyers were able to slip into low orbit to launch a daring rescue attempt.

The objects of rescue were none other than The High Governeress of Arenxis Minoris herself, the Lady Myrae, and her trusted No.2, the tech-magi Prexilus Thrunn. Even more important than the two was the location of the ultra-secret development chapel of Arenxis Minoris, hidden deep underground in the planet's crust. Untold secrets of arcane tech lore can be found in this ancient chapel, secrets that cannot fall into the wrong hands.

And the secret location was embedded in memory cells grafted into the heads of both Lady Myrae and the tech-magi, in two parts, so that both must be together to unlock the location. Lord Faizal's mission was to ensure that both arrive at the Dunnkyrc skyshield launch pad safely, board the resuce craft and cover their escape as they head back to the orbiting destroyers.

While Cadian scouts and Ravenwing patrols expertly disrupted much of the Chaos forces heading towards Dunnkyrc, not all was going well for the Imperium. Both Lady Myrae and tech-magi Thrunn were in separate locations (following standard emergency protocols, which forbade the two to be at the same place at the same time during times of war). Worst of all, only 2 Valkyrie from the destroyers made it through Chaos airspace en route to Dunnkyrc.

We fought a totally brutal (but entertaining) Apocalypse battle to settle the issue. In the end, Chaos truimphed, as desperate World Eaters terminators teleported right in front of Lady Myrae and her bodyguard, and assassinated the High Governeress with point-blank melta-fire (this was a highly-risky teleport - there was no room for error, and another terminator squad was lost as it scattered into a bastion while trying to attempt the same jump).

Consolation for the Imperium was that Lord Minthras, the traitor behind the Chaos invasion and truimph, was slain in this mighty battle. Even so, the legendary Brother Captain Stern of the Grey Knights was lost, last seen swinging his weapon amidst a sea of daemons.

There were many epic moments and great songs shall be written and sung in time to come, for while Chaos triumphed, the brave warriors of the Imperium stilled eked much glory for the Emperor!


  1. All I need is a damn 3+!! The Lord General has failed, at least he escaped the slaughter, only to face the wrath of the High Lords governing this Segmentum.

  2. It was indeed a glorious battle, and Lord Eulikules has received Nurgle's Favor for his triumph!

  3. @Faizal ... check this out

  4. The desperation of the scenario was truly felt during the game. Our forces were crumbling all over the table. The assassination by the deep striking termies was a perfect ending.

    On the other hand, the Saim-Hann saw a clunky single occupant metal contraption hovering and made a fly-by. hehehe

  5. Checkout my blog for more batrep, hehehe :p


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